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With literally thousands of company stores currently live, Proforma One Marketing knows what it takes to build and manage a successful company store. From inventory management, controlling spend, and delivering brand integrity, we have a solution that will fit your business.
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How We Do It


We source and
manufacture your

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We distribute to our
global warehouses.

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Kitting and Fullfilment

From concept to delivery, we’re your one source with infinite resources.

We make eCommerce and complex logistical projects easier to manage than ever before with our network of local and global distribution channels. Our scalable distribution solutions allow your business to grow and expand as we seamlessly handle every logistical aspect of warehousing, kitting, shipping and fulfillment for you.

Proforma’s powerful local and global network manages your inventory by packing and shipping each order as it is received for timely, efficient and accurate delivery. We handle the details, saving you time – so you can focus on growing your business.

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6 Benefits

Six benefits of an online company store:

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Ease of Access

You can set authorizations for different sections of your online store, giving marketers, employees and even the general public access to specified items.

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Minimized Administration

A major advantage of an online company store is having a centralized dashboard that lets administrators control everything that’s going on with your brand.

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Controlled Branding

Brand consistency helps to maintain your company reputation, and an online shop makes it a breeze. Your branded merch is controlled from a main dashboard.

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Controlled and Reduced Costs

An online company store gives you a streamlined system that allows you to efficiently manage and order what you need from a single, trusted source.

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Custom Reporting

Instead of sifting through emails, paper notes or calling your various company locations, you’ll be able to track what’s going on with your branded merchandise.

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Same-Day Shipping

With all the information already stored in the database, an online company store ensures items get shipped out the same day they’re ordered.

See how we can help:

Having an efficient, centralized distribution system is a problem for most companies that use promotional products in various locations on a regular basis.

In general, an efficient system removes all the headaches associated with the stress of not knowing how budget was spent or how the branded items were distributed. Through an effective reporting feature, an online company store can track all essential information, including orders and reorders, for you.

Eliminating the need to do a physical inventory and to maintain a storage area for your promotional products brings a huge convenience and helps you save time and resources.

Having an online company store provides you with the ease of real-time inventory and a complete record of all transactions. Plus, there’s no need to think about minimum orders and the promo items or branded merchandises will always be on stock as they can be delivered on demand.

Every marketing team dreams of having a system that enables them to ensure consistent branding across the different departments and locations. Every marketing professional knows the huge benefit a company could get from distributing promotional items that are consistent with the overall corporate branding.

What needs to be consistent?
-Branding specifications, especially the logo design and color scheme
-Brand-specific artwork
-Brand-specific promotional products

By setting up an online company store, which becomes a centralized location with brand-compliant products, all of these worries about inconsistent branding will finally have a long-term solution.

Whether you’re using promotional products as part of your marketing campaigns or leveraging them for employee engagement, staying on budget is critical.

With an online company store, you can set the amount approved for each location or department making it easy for the marketing team or your employees to stick to the approved budget.

Order fulfillment can be tedious and complicated. But with a centralized system that allows ease of ordering, employees, including the marketing team or operations team in charge of product procurement and distribution internally, will regain their focus and concentrate on bringing results, rather than spending time on a process that can be automated.

If your team needs product giveaways for the next week’s event or trade show, ordering is easy and hassle-free!

Incentivizing employees with branded products of their own choice can go a long way. Employees who are appreciated are more engaged, hence more productive and more capable of contributing to the company’s bottom line.

With a simple touch of creativity, your company can launch an incentive program that rewards top performers or appreciates employees who go the extra mile by giving away branded items of their choice.

You can also use branded swags to liven up team building activities like sporting events, weekend-long retreat, company picnics, etc. Your creativity and the excitement employees would feel for receiving branded items will surely boost employee morale.

And it’s a surefire win for your company, too. Why? Every time they use your promotional products, they get to promote your company. Employee advocacy goes a long way.

Vetting a promotional product distributor is quite a huge responsibility for your organization. You have to assess the quality of the products they offer, their reliability in the delivery, and their willingness to recommend the best items to add to your inventory.

Once you’ve found a distributor that consistently delivers quality products and fast turnaround, you want to ensure everyone in the organization enjoys that same quality and reliability.

With an online company store set up for you, everyone in the organization, regardless of location or department, will order promotional items only from your trusted distributor.

All the benefits pointed out above will certainly lead to your team and organization saving a ton of time and reducing a lot of costs as you minimize manual administration and simplify order fulfillment.

It’s a win-win solution to your company’s promotional product needs that will boost your marketing ROI.

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