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Streamline your order processing.


Take Advantage of Our Powerful Fulfillment Network

As your one source with infinite resources, our robust local and global network of distributors manages your inventory by packing and shipping each order with perfection. We handle the details, saving you time so you can focus on growing your business.

Customized Fulfillment Programs

By developing a personalized fulfillment model that is exclusive to each client, Proforma One has mastered inventory warehousing and fulfillment. No fulfillment process looks the same for us at Proforma One because we believe that our clients’ fulfillment demands are as distinctive and varied as our clients themselves. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a system that works and a better mailing structure. The four silos (inventory control, shipping, warehousing, and receiving) make up Proforma’s services to create a smooth operation.


Unmatched Speed & Accuracy

At Proforma One Marketing, we take pride in distributing inventory to 80% of the country in just 2 to 3 business days. With speed being our main strength, our clients always meet their deadlines and keep customers satisfied. We make e-commerce and complex logistical projects easier to manage than ever before, all because of our extensive network of local and global distribution channels. With Proforma One Marketing by your side, your business can grow and expand while we seamlessly handle every logistical aspect of your order fulfillment.

The Fulfillment that Drives Results

The foundation of fulfilling e-commerce orders is meeting the current client’s expectations. If consumers can’t obtain the 2-day
shipping and delivery experience they’ve grown accustomed to, firms will fall behind and customers will buy elsewhere.

By increasing conversions and sales, the top fulfillment services and strategies assist in converting logistics from a cost center
to a revenue driver. The following benefits have been received by our clients who invested in Proforma’s fulfillment services:

  • Reduction in shopping cart abandonment rate
  • Savings on shipping costs
  • Cost savings to the bottom line
  • Increase in average order value
  • Hours saved per week
  • Growth year over year
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  • cardinal
  • AT&T
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