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Kitting Services

Get organized and improve your bottom line.


Kitting Solutions that Simply Your Life

Our specialized kitting services streamline the shipment preparation process by coordinating deliveries from many vendors, building customized kits, and then shipping them to the final location. Everything goes smoothly with the help of Proforma One experts’ kitting solutions. Our network of global and local fulfillment providers provides reliable kitting services and light assembly. With Proforma, you get to create kits that add value to your product line.

Proforma One Kitting Solutions

By leveraging the expertise and experience of Proforma One, here is what you will get:

  • Custom kitting designed for your product needs
  • Combine several items or packages into a single kit.
  • Bar-coded and connected to your WMS or ERP, every kit
  • Individual elements needed to create new SKUs
  • Scanning individual product serial numbers
  • Custom packaging and labeling of completed kits
  • Kit localization for a rollout in multiple countries,
  • Services for inspection to guarantee quality control
  • Acquiring packaging supplies
  • Inventory control
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Streamline Your Supply Chain Operation

We offer kitting and fulfillment services to help you organize your supply chain. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • Higher profit margin and decreased overhead costs
  • Decreased cycle times
  • Immediate reaction to changes in customer demand
  • Maximize production output and manufacturing processes
  • Lower costs for inventory and storage
  • Economical labor management
  • Eliminate packaging-related time and labor expenses Eliminate exposure to excess and obsolete inventory

Kitting with Proforma One

You won’t find a better-kitting partner for maximizing cooperation, punctuality, and cost efficiency. Your supply chain operations will be streamlined by Proforma’s full-service kitting solutions, which will also boost productivity and efficiency throughout the whole supply chain. Omni is prepared to simplify your life, whether it be through boxing, bagging, sorting, labelling, preparing, kitting, or a variety of other value-added processes.

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